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Enfance, Giulio Lacchini and Giancarlo Norese


A double artist's book about childhood, by Giulio Lacchini and Giancarlo Norese


Enfance was born to remember us the faculty of “bringing visions into focus with our eyes shut”, as we did in a remote time, still fruitful and alive, when thinking in terms of images was more spontaneous.
It was a “possible pedagogy of the imagination that would accustom us to control our own inner vision without suffocating it or letting it fall (…) into confused, ephemeral daydreams, but would enable the images to crystallize into a well-defined, memorable, and self-sufficient form, the icastic form.”

(Excerpts from Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium: Visibility, 1985–1986).



About the authors:

Giancarlo Norese (Italy, 1963), since the mid-eighties has been involved in many collaborative art projects. He was one of the initiators and the editor of publications of the Progetto Oreste, a network for Italian artists which organized several common initiatives as residency programs, meetings, books, and which was invited by Harald Szeemann at the Venice Biennale in 1999. His work has been also exhibited in such venues as Villa Medicis in Rome, the P.S.1 and Performa 07 in New York, Galerija Škuc in Ljubljana, Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Tent in Rotterdam, Red Gate in Beijing, MAMM in Moscow, Platforma in Bucharest, ASU Art Museum in Phoenix. www.norese.tk

Giulio Lacchini was born in Cremona, Italy in 1971. His research is exploring through different media, as drawing and artists’ books, the essence of liberty, beauty and collaboration. In the Nineties he was the founder of Cross, a magazine interweaving contributions by artists and authors dealing with other disciplines. His publications are also often made up with dialogues, comparations and mirrored images, as they allow him to think and make at the same time, an option usually not granted anymore in our times. www.artecontemporanea.com/?s=giulio+lacchini


Edited by Giulio Lacchini & Giancarlo Norese
14,8x19,4 cm | 32 pages
20.00 €
ISBN: 978-80-970894-2-9