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Julius Koller AMO AMARE Kveta Fulierova


AMO AMARE is dedicated to a romantic conceptualization of Kveta Fulierova in the work of one of our most prominent conceptual artists Julius Koller. Although Koller`s “love concepts” represent only a small and rather intimate chapter in his practice, they pregnantly reflect his understanding and approach to the world. Koller draws most of his everyday routine into mounts of his (anti)art. Likewise, his partner Kveta Fulierova is thus “mounted in” and “artifacted” in his work. Beside an art historical study on the theme J+K of Petra Hanakova , the book consists also of original memoirs written by Kveta Fulierova. From mostly a romantic perspective Kveta recalls a coexistence with a peculiar partner, their mutual inspiration and reveals the genesis of some of their mutual works. Apart from concepts, mostly from Kveta Fulierova`s private archive, the book features a rich biographical material.

Edited by Petra Hanakova
english | 2013
23x16,5 cm  | 100 pages
14.00 €
ISBN: 978-80-971130-4-9