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Michele Lombardelli - Giunge una voce a qualcuno nel buio (A voice comes to one in the dark)

Edited by AMT | Torri & Geminian
english - italian | 2010
20x15 cm | 48 pages
10.00 €

About author:

Michele Lombardelli was Born in 1968 in Cremona, Italy, where he lives and works. What are the images represented in Lombardelli’s works, what is their location in space? While, on the one hand, they seem to be totally residual, anaemia-ridden, devoid of sense, yet they manage to instill a doubt about their ability to recall something else, something new. And the selfsame reversibility of the image (from the Latin revertere, to turn back), its actual inconclusiveness, locates it somewhere along an imaginary Moebius strip where internal and external, above and under, beginning and end coincide. The inseparability of physical and formal natures (sculpture-drawing-photography-silkscreen-painting) match the represented object: everyday items, banal interiors, sketched figures, de-contextualized sentences which echo uncanny meanings, literary and cinematographic quotations.